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Mission Statement

We, the Christian Community of Mary Queen of Saints Catholic Academy, in collaboration with the Catholic parishes of West Allis and West Milwaukee, are called to integrate the Teachings of Jesus Christ into the spiritual, academic, and social development of each individual.

Vision Statement 2018!

The staff will build upon the faith life of the students that the parents, as primary spiritual educators have nurtured. The staff will act as role models through a lived appreciation of scripture and tradition. The school community will celebrate our life experiences as a Catholic, Christian community through liturgy and prayer.

We, the staff, along with the family, will address the uniqueness and diversity of each student while nurturing the intellectual development of each student through the use of standards based curriculum. Students, guided and encouraged by the staff, will develop a sense of responsibility, to self, family, school, parish and community and therefore cultivate a love for learning, and grow in self-confidence.