Audrey O’Sullivan – K3/K4 Teacher
Cardinal Stritch
2 years at MQSCA
What I love most about teaching at MQSCA is the sense of community from staff, parents and students. It is such a wonderful school to teach at.

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Patty Springer – K5 Teacher/Master Teacher
UWM  Undergrad/Viterbo Graduate
16 years at MQSCA
Teaching here at MQSCA has been a vocation and a huge part of my life.
My daughter attended and graduated from MQSCA back in 2009.
I have been lucky enough to be part of the many transformations of this spiritual and loving school community. The teachers and staff at MQSCA are dedicated and willing to do what it takes so that each and every child’s needs are met.

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Emily Zeman – 1st Grade Teacher
UWM Undergrad/Cardinal Stritch Masters in progress
2 years at MQSCA
There are so many things I love about teaching at MQSCA. Not only is it filled with amazing students but also very caring families and staff. If I had to pick one thing I like most though, I would say that I love the strong relationships I am able to build with my students and how this influences their confidence as they persevere through new challenges. It is amazing to see how much they grow in ways both big and small throughout the year and I am so glad to be a part of it!

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Raquel Nowak – 2nd Grade Teacher
Cardinal Stritch
1st year at MQSCA

I want to help shape the kids of the future.

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Emma Fritcsh – 3rd Grade Teacher
1st year at MQSCA

I have always wanted to teach and I enjoy how welcoming everyone is here.


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Kristen Burke – 4th/5th Grade Teacher
St. Mary’s University Minnesota
1st year at MQSCA

I want to make a difference in the education of children, developing the whole child both academically and spiritually through shared Faith values.

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Katie Baker – 6th Grade Teacher
Marquette University
2 years at MQSCA
I love teaching at MQSCA because the school community is dedicated, hardworking, and talented. My co-workers are incredible examples of what it means to be an educator, and they encourage me to be my best. The students love to learn, are curious, and work very hard in everything they do. They are an inspiration to teach and make me happy to come to work every single day!

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Patrick Kay- 7th Grade Teacher
1st year at MQSCA

I love the family feel of the staff and parents.

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Jessica Barrera – 8th Grade Teacher
Marquette University
4 years at MQSCA
My favorite part about teaching at MQS is that I get to teach middle school students for three years in a row. This really builds relationships and I feel like I get to know so much about each student individually over this time.

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Amanda Satchell – Music Teacher
University of Michigan
1 year at MQSCA
I love the sound of the students expressing themselves through music!

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David Zeller – Physical Education/Master Teacher
1st year at MQSCA

I love the small knit community of staff, students, and families

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Jennifer Granneman – Resource Teacher
16 years at MQSCA
UW Whitewater
I like that MQSCA feels like a family. We do well academically and support each other. Our smaller class sizes allow for more individual learning.

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David Pangallo – Counselor
2 years at MQSCA
The learning environment at MQSCA is TOP NOTCH!

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Bryanna Hill –  Dean of Operations
Cardinal Stritch University
First year at MQSCA

MQSCA is nothing short of family, welcoming, hard work and dedication. This is why I am happy to be a part of this great team.

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Dawn Kulas – Lunch Director
16 years at MQSCA

I love the family feel of the staff and parents.

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Mrs Natalia Bednarski
Educational Assistant

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Cesar Esparza –  Maintenance Director
16 years at MQSCA

Catherine Suvaka – Educational Assistant
Has been at MQSCA since it opened

email Ms Suvaka

Miss Bella Vang – Art Teacher
New in 2021

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Brian Zarcone – Maintenance Director