When you send your child to a Catholic School, you do more than share your faith with them. You put your faith in us to provide your child with strong spiritual and academic foundations. We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we do more than prepare our students for tests in the classroom – we prepare them for tests in life.

Catholic Schools are places where students learn essential values. Where high academic standards meet high moral standards. Where excellent teachers are also excellent role models. Where values like respect and compassion are not just encouraged, they are expected.

To encourage moral, social and spiritual growth, students are immersed in their religion – throughout the school day and the school year. Prayer and reflection are part of our daily routine. Students become more familiar with their Catholic identity, heritage and traditions. Students at Catholic Schools are given opportunities to learn what being Catholic is all about. More importantly, they are given the time they need to have what they learn really make a difference – in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.

While teaching students to understand our faith, we also teach them to live our faith. Students learn in environments where the teachings of Jesus flourish. Subjects like love, compassion, generosity, tolerance and social justice are built into the curriculum and are demonstrated every day by teachers, parents and students through examples, attitudes and interactions.

Faith-based education; safe, caring environments; teachers who really care about their students; positive adult role models; friends that kids are proud to bring home; and opportunities for parental involvement are factors that set Catholic Schools apart from others.

As Catholic Schools, we never lose sight of each student’s potential – to learn, to grow, and to make a difference. We are committed not only to each student’s academic development, but to their emotional, spiritual and physical development as well. It is a commitment that leads to success for our graduates – in the classroom and in their lives.