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Mary Queen of Saints Catholic Academy believes that strong Music and Art programs are important to a well-rounded education. Each campus has dedicated Music and Art teachers for all grades.

Philosophy for Music Education

We believe Music is an integration of physical, cognitive, and aesthetic experiences designed to enhance a student’s quality of life.

  • Music influences the development of the higher cognitive processes.
  • Structured music education enhances student’s multiple intelligences.
  • Music provides students with rich sensory experiences, and helps create a self understanding through creativity and critical or divergent thinking.
  • Music provides an important role in multicultural understandings and acceptance.

We believe the curriculum is developmentally appropriate and promotes enjoyment through a variety of musical activities. Students will:

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, customs, and values.
  • Develop Christian values through participation in class, liturgy, and performance.

We believe that instruction will:

  • Provide students with the opportunity for active learning and social interaction through solo, small group, and large group learning situations.
  • Provide opportunities to play a variety of musical instruments and develop vocal skills.
  • Have students relate music to other arts, history, and cultures.
  • Accommodate the various needs of students at different skill levels.

We believe that assessment should reflect instruction and state standards. Assessment will:

  • Use daily observation of participation, cooperation, respect of others and the materials provided.
  • Include formal and informal skills evaluation.
  • Provide opportunities for students to self-critique and evaluate.

Philosophy for Art Education

We believe Art education is a creative, dynamic process which involves the student in hands-on art activities to enable the student to enjoy creating and appreciating art, including:

  • Making art
  • Analyzing and appreciating art
  • Understanding the multicultural and historical contexts of art

We believe the curriculum should be developmentally appropriate and provide exposure to a variety of art in a way that promotes the enjoyment of art and the development of skills.

  • Engage student’s interest through the use of various media and materials options.
  • Make art based on ideas, feelings, memories, and attitudes.
  • Create art using the elements of design and principles of design.
  • Learn that all cultures of our world made art throughout time.
  • Art is a mirror of life.

We believe instruction should include opportunities for:

  • Learning that art has been and will be part of the Catholic faith tradition.
  • Exploring a variety of materials and techniques for making art.
  • Integrating the purpose and values of art, past and present.
  • Integrating the art of their culture and the cultures of others.
  • Providing constructive feedback and support for all student efforts.
  • Problem solving through open ended projects.

We believe assessment should reflect instruction of archdiocesan expectations and Wisconsin state standards.

  • Students will engage in self-assessment.
  • Teachers will assess the learning process as well as the product.


  • Enlighten students about art related vocational opportunities.
  • Cultivate the enjoyment of creating art.
  • Foster an appreciation of other cultures and times through art.