Obligations & Parents

Obligations of Parents

On the day your child was baptized, you made a commitment to God, your parish community and your child to raise him/her in the Catholic faith. Keeping this promise means more than enrolling your child in Mary Queen of Saints Catholic Academy where they will receive a quality, faith-based, Catholic education. Keeping this promise means that you live your Catholic faith by regular attendance at the celebration of the Eucharist. As parents of a Mary Queen of Saints Catholic Academy student it is our expectation that you and your child regularly attend Mass on weekends at your home parish.

All school parents are asked to share their time and talent in voluntary service to the school during the school year. A total of 15 hours of service per family is suggested.

All school parents are expected to make tuition payments promptly.

School parents are asked to participate in Home and School Association functions and in the fundraising activities sponsored by the Home and School Association. The proceeds from these activities directly benefit the school and promote the continuation of affordable tuition.

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